Dopamine Bright Color Clothing


After the epidemic, with the aggravation of anxiety and burnout, facing the uncertain future, young consumers are more eager for small fortune in ordinary life, and the pursuit of self-care, physical and mental health and happiness has become the first choice. They began to slow down, feel life with heart, enjoy holidays, increase the time with family and friends, and pay attention to the sense of ceremony in life. They need designs and experiences that can stimulate optimism, help them escape from the reality for a short time, and obtain a moment of happiness.


Minimal and versatile clothing experience, stable and innovative technical performance and vibrant healthy colors provide people with spiritual comfort and positive energy.  The popular pink Y2K series!! We could provide you with various fashion clothing design with new fabrics and patterns



Clothing with various fabrics and designs are matching according to color system, which look harmonious and attractive




Whether people yearn for the outdoors or continue to be comfortable indoors, the healing feeling of relaxation and joy is the goal that people pursue.

Colorful wear that promote health emerge at the historic moment, especially the eye-catching bright dopamine color makes the design full of vitality.



After the world experienced turbulence, “dopamine bright color” was mentioned frequently, and the keyword displayed 247000 related content in Google search; There are more than 100000 notes about “dopamine”, “dopamine therapy” and other related notes on the RED platform. It can be seen that the healthy bright color full of relaxation and joy conforms to the positive needs of people after experiencing difficulties.  Recently, handicraft crochet clothing are also very popular.

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Post time: Feb-13-2023
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